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A student in a Montessori classroom in Sri Lanka.


State-of-the-art Facilities
Comprehensive Curriculum
Daily Observation Report
Online Preschool
21 Years
A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

Daily Observation Reports

Our daily observation reports (handed over weekly) give Jade Drive parents a unique insight into their little one’s day and progress. The report acts as a snapshot of a student’s day, capturing what they learnt, friendships they made, overall mood, progress and levels of activity during specific times.

Jade Drive International Preschool's learning packs.

Online Preschool Curriculum

Our online preschool program provides a fun, enriching learning experience. The curriculum consists of many carefully crafted hands-on activities to keep our students engaged and wanting more. Click here to find out more about Jade Drive International Preschool’s online curriculum. 

A student attempting to plant a seed.

6 Enrichment Programs

We offer six extra-curricular programs that are designed to complement and go beyond our standard curriculum to meet the contemporary learning needs of our students. These programs include Elocution, Mini Manners, STEM-inspired learning, Music and Movement, Arts and Crafts, and Gardening.

A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

A Beautiful and Calming Natural Environment

Our school, which is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city provides children with a calm and peaceful natural environment where they can enjoy and explore nature.

A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

Clearly Defined Emergency & Preparedness Policies

We have created clearly defined emergency policies highlighting topics such as injury, fire safety, adverse weather conditions, threats of violence, terrorism, and COVID-19 preparedness. All our staff members are trained to enact these policies. You may find our emergency preparedness procedures highlighted in our parent handbook.

A Montessori classroom in Sri Lanka.

A Comprehensive Montessori Curriculum

We are exclusively a Montessori school and are avid believers of Dr Maria Montessori and the time-tested Montessori Philosophy. At Jade Drive International Preschool, Sri Lanka, we offer our students a comprehensive Montessori curriculum that includes all aspects of the Montessori philosophy. 

A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

Fully-equipped Montessori Classrooms

We are one of the few preschools in Sri Lanka to have fully equipped and open-planned Montessori classrooms. We offer spacious, air-conditioned classrooms with child-sized furniture and toilet fixtures. Furthermore, our classrooms are split into separate learning areas and arranged methodically to encourage free movement and to enhance the child’s engagement with the learning material.

A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

21 Years of Experience in Elocution

Elocution is the skill of communicating clearly and expressing one’s thoughts concisely and pleasingly. We believe it is a vital trait that every kid should master to become confident and influential speakers. Our students will have a remarkable opportunity to study elocution under a teacher & examiner of a leading Speech and Drama Academy who has over 21 years of teaching experience.  

A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

Friendly and Professional Teaching Staff

Our teachers are friendly, professional, and are highly proficient in English. They are handpicked, trained, well remunerated, and provided pleasant working conditions to ensure that our children are taught by highly motivated professionals who have our students’ best interests in mind.

Children riding little cars in the play area in a school in Sri Lanka.

Ample Car Parking Space

We provide ample car parking space for our parents to ensure convinience and safety.

The lobby of Jade Drive International Preschool.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our facilities are purposed built to be spacious, comfortable, and safe. We offer open-planned, fully equipped, air-conditioned classrooms with child-sized furniture and bathroom fixtures. Our gardens are beautifully kept and are spacious. The entire facility has been carefully designed to be child-friendly and to offer your child the best preschool environment.

A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

5400 sq. ft of Specifically Designed Outdoor Area

We believe that the freedom and the sense of curiosity that comes from interacting with the outside environment are essential for our children’s development. With this in mind, we have meticulously converted an area of 5,400 square feet to promote active play, exploration, and a love for nature. Our gardens are beautifully kept and offer several dedicated play areas.

A daily observation report book from Jade Drive International Preschool.

1 : 8 Teacher-to-Child Ratio

Here at Jade Drive International Preschool, Bandaragama, Sri Lanka, we maintain a low teacher-to-child ratio to ensure that all our students get the personal attention they need. Typically, a classroom with 24 students has three teachers (1:8) and one dedicated caretaker.

Students working on a flower arranging activity.

Our Trained and Dedicated Support Staff

Our trained and dedicated support staff are always available to assist our students in any way they can. They are always on hand to assist with spills, cleanups, and any toileting needs of our students.

Student from Jade Drive playing at the Sensorial wall.

24/7 Security

The security of our children is a top priority. For this reason, we maintain 24/7 security personnel, security cameras, and well-rehearsed safety procedures to ensure that your child’s safety and security are maintained.

1:8 teacher ratio
5400 sqft
beautiful environment
ample car parking space
professional teachers
24/7 security
Dedicatd Staff
Preparedness Policy
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