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Our online preschool program provides a fun, enriching learning experience. The curriculum consists of many carefully crafted hands-on activities to keep our students engaged and wanting more. 

Kindly note that the Jade Drive online preschool has been developed as a temporary alternative to our physical classes due to the school closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, admission into the online preschool is limited to families currently enrolled in our full-time physical classes.

Worksheets and materials for our online preschool classes.



Weekly Online Group Sessions

In our group sessions, we continue our proud Montessori tradition by maintaining our multi-aged environment. These online sessions, which are guided by weekly themes, offer many exciting learning opportunities. Students engage in activities ranging from music and movement, arts and crafts to language, math, geography, science, sensorial and practical life activities.

Weekly Online Prep Group Sessions

Our online prep group sessions are geared toward students graduating to primary school. During these sessions (that are conducted in addition to weekly individual and group classes), we use specifically formulated Montessori materials to work on advanced Math and Language activities to ensure our students' smooth transition to grade one. 

Parent Portal

Our parent portal (which is updated weekly) offers a chance for our families to revise and build upon the learning outcomes of the week.


The portal consists of several resources to help parents continue their child’s learning at home. 


Weekly Online Individual Sessions

The individual online sessions offer a tailored experience. These classes allow our students to experience the much-needed one-on-one interactions that they usually have with their teachers in our physical environment. Here, we work with our students at their own pace to achieve a set of learning objectives that are unique to them.

Weekly At-Home Learning Packs 

A vital component of our online preschool curriculum, our (collectable) At-Home Learning Packs are designed to match the themes of our weekly online sessions. The activities found in these packs also relate to the Montessori curriculum and offer our students many exciting hands-on activities to try at home.

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Worksheets, materials and learning packs for our online preschool classes.
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