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  • Prepared Environment
    Prepared environment that is beautifully and meticulously designed to facilitate maximum independent learning through exploration by the child.
  • Specialised and Unique Hands-on Learning Materials
    Specialised and unique hands-on learning materials that are specifically catered towards each age group to support self-teaching and provide a well-rounded, holistic development.
  • Montessori Certified and Experienced
    Our teachers are Montessori certified and experienced to guide your child. They will function more as a role model, record keeper, demonstrator, and observer of your child's behavior and growth.
  • Collaborative Learning
    Collaborative learning through mixed-age groupings in classrooms to support social and emotional development. It also allows children to learn from each other and encouraging collaboration.
  • Programmes
    Language such as English and Sinhala which are held during language periods to increase meta-linguistic awareness. Extracurricular Programmes including elocution and computer enrichment. Enrichment Programmes for creative development through art, craft, music, dance and drama. Etiquette Programmes includes lessons such as ‘Social Grace & Courtesy’ which provides your child with manners, vocabulary, actions and steps required for him to build awareness, respect and responsiveness of those around him. Movement Programmes for your child’s physical development through enhanced gross and fine motor skills-based activities. Brain Training Programmes (or S.T.E.M) for cognitive development that helps children improve their learning capability. (science, technology, engineering and math projects)
  • Regular Field Trips
    Regular field trips to expose your child to the real world.
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