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Student at Jade Drive International Pre-school


Montessori isn't just a curriculum, it's a philosophy - a movement. 

Dr. Montessori believed that education is more than letters, numbers, colours, and shapes. We are passionate about preparing your child for a successful career and a fulfilling life in our complex, global and multicultural society.

A student from Jade Drive International Preschool, Sri Lanka, attempting a Montessori material, the Knobbed Cylinder.

The list of notable graduates of Montessori programmes is long and distinguished, but did you know that the founders of Google and Amazon all attended Montessori schools? Click here for more. 

At Jade Drive, the ultimate goal of your child’s education is authentic, holistic independence. 

Our primary focus is to foster an environment of cognitive, physical, emotional and social development across all learning levels in the fullest possible sense.

Your child will gain knowledge, independence, confidence, creativity, and social ability that will allow him to choose his own goals and pursue them over time. To achieve this, we employ:

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It all begins here.

Jade Drive lnternational Pre-school is just the beginning. 

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