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Students riding little cars in a playground at an international school in Sri Lanka.


“Indeed, parents too have an important role in our students' education. After all, parents are a child's first and best teachers.”

A child in a preschool blowing candles during his Montessori birthday walk.
A child is peeping his head out of the picture in the playground.
A child is smiling during Little Bakers Day in Jade Drive.



As a parent, you too, are a valued member of our collaborative learning process. We believe that parents play an integral part in our children's learning and that the collaboration between parents and the school is essential to make the most of a child's education.

Studies prove that parents who actively support their children's education through positive parenting practices help them become more school-ready, reduce behavioural problems, enhance their children's social skills, and promote academic success.

With this in mind, we have created this menu to offer you tools, information, and advice on early childcare and how to continue your preschooler's education at home.

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This is a Montessori classroom located in Jade Drive International Preschool.

Parent Communication

Jade Drive is committed to partnering with families to create the best educational experience possible for each child. For this reason, communication between parents and staff is an integral part of the Jade Drive experience.


Here are a few of how teachers and parents communicate throughout the school year:

  • Parents drop off children at the school each morning, providing opportunities for face-to-face interactions with teachers daily.


  • Teachers use email or text to communicate information directly with parents.


  • Parents receive a monthly newsletter highlighting special programs of the month, themes, events, progress, conferences, etc.


  • Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled at the end of each term for all families - additional conferences/meetings are available on request.


  • Parents receive a daily observation report (submitted weekly) from the teachers regarding their child's progress in class.

Parent Communication
Students in one of the best international school in Sri Lanka working on Montessori materials.

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