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Entrance to Jade Drive International Preschool Sri Lanka.


Our Story

Located in Bandaragama, Sri Lanka, we have been a family-owned institution providing English education for the past 21 years. In this period, we have been lucky enough to witness our children develop their English knowledge, do well in school and become contributing members of our society and the world.

A Montessori classroom in Jade Drive.
A playground in Jade Drive International Preschool
Students and teacher learning about the farm in a classroom.

We understand that you strive to offer the best opportunities in life for your young ones so that they have the necessary tools to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We believe that we have been given an extraordinary opportunity to positively impact your kids’ lives through the means of early childhood education.


We take our responsibility very seriously, as we understand that the early years of a child’s development are the most formative. Accordingly, we are determined to provide a safe, nurturing, and wholesome environment where your children can build a solid foundation on which they can stand for the rest of their lives.

A student from Jade Drive painting.
A student enjoying playing at the sand play area at an international school in Sri Lanka.
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A student attempting a Montessori material, the Knobbed Cylinder.

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