The Montessori Learning Materials: Part 1

Updated: Apr 24

One of the main differences between a more traditional classroom and a Montessori classroom is the Montessori materials. These colourful, attractive, and engaging materials are specially designed to help achieve a set of learning objectives. Here at Jade Drive, your kids will find their classroom shelves full of Montessori equipment ready to be used and to be experimented with.

Here are some Montessori material from our classroom shelves. Have a quick read to find out more about these equipment and how they help your little one's education.

The Pink Tower

The Pink Tower, an iconic piece of Montessori equipment, is a foundational material from the Sensorial Area of the Montessori classroom. Stacking the cubes calls for visual discrimination, coordination, and precision. Indirectly, a child is preparing himself or herself for understanding cubed roots in later math. When beginning the activity, the child carefully takes each cube, one by one, to their work mat. As the child builds the tower, biggest to smallest, he or she might transpose one cube for another, but will quickly discover their error when the tower doesn’t look quite right.

The Large Moveable Alphabet (LMA)

The Large Moveable Alphabet (LMA) can be found in our Language shelves. All 26 letters of the English alphabet are individually cut out of wood, and ready to be positioned into words and sentences. Our little ones will learn phonetic words as a prepar