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Birthday Walks at Jade Drive International Preschool

Many Montessori schools including Jade Drive, celebrate their little one’s birthdays with a celebration of life ceremony known as The Birthday Walk. This ceremony gives kids an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the life and the growth of their classmates in a collaborative manner.

This tradition is not only a celebration of the birthday of a student. It also is a learning experience as it provides a concrete way for kids to understand the months of the year and the earth’s revolution around the sun each year. Moreover, it is a way for children to feel special and to connect with their place in the world.

Parents share in this momentous occasion by helping their child select photographs from each year of his/her life and by helping them prepare a written history of milestones reached and fun times had during each year. These milestones are shared as the child walks around the "Sun," once for each year celebrated.


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