No Grades

“One test of the correctness of educational procedure

is the happiness of the child 


- Dr. Maria Montessori


In a Montessori school, there are no grades, forms of punishment, or reward.


Dr. Montessori observed that grades or other external rewards have little lasting effect on a child’s effort or achievements.


The Montessori approach nurtures the motivation that comes from within, kindling the child’s natural desire to learn. 


There are no academic requirements for children under the age of six. They are exposed to knowledge and often learn to read, write and calculate beyond what a child of this age is normally interested in.


Although there are no grades to be assigned, through teacher’s careful observation and detailed record keeping of each child in the class, student success is ‘graded’ on the child’s behaviour, happiness, maturity, and their level of work, among other things. Consequently, children’s progress is tracked by portfolios and the teacher's observation and record keeping.